Our clients and affiliates are our best references

Chris and Katherine Harrison

Home Owners
“Ben was unbelievably conscientious while renovating our home. He was here early, late, constantly cleaning up, always available to answer my insane questions and those of my six-year-old. The process and the end product were even better than we could have hoped. Ben came through on all fronts. Everyone said that there was no way that we would still think so highly of him when all was said and done. Well, everyone else was wrong. We recommend him without hesitation and sing his praises to anyone that will listen. We STILL like our builder and we love our house! Did I tell you, my grandmother has a crush on you!”

Dr. Bruce and Jane Kyburz

Home Owners
“Ben Burney at Uppercut Homes is truly a professional in every sense of the word. He is extremely knowledgeable, employing talented individual subs with many years of experience. However, Ben also has a good bit of “warm and fuzzy” to go along with his knowledge. He is patient and kind, and seems to intuitively realize that decisions concerning one’s home are very “big” decisions indeed. A decision to employ Ben would be an excellent “big” decision!!!!!”

Chip and Kitty Starling

Home Owners

“Ben Burney’s company handled our historic preservation with seasoned expertise. They matched everything to exacting standards. Our project looked so good it was featured in the Marietta Daily Journal.”

Scott and Kathy Fricker

Home Owners
“Thank you for all of your diligence and hard work. The custom kitchen is wonderful. We wish you continued success in your career and know that you will achieve great things.”

Les and Jennifer Brannen

Home Owners
“We are so pleased to have found quality craftsmanship, personal integrity, and a great experience when we chose Ben Burney’s company for our addition.”

Stewart and Karen Brown

Home Owners
“Your ideas, knowledge and suggestions turned our relic into our dream house. The best part of our project was becoming friends.”

Farion Grove

Home Owner

“Ben recently managed a fairly major renovation of my 1930s-era home, and I couldn’t be happier, with both the results and the process. Having been burned in the past on smaller home improvement jobs, I was a bit terrified to delve into such a large undertaking, but Ben is well respected and came highly recommended, so I bit the bullet and called him. I am so glad I did, as this process was not at all the nightmare I feared it would be; in fact, it unfolded into a series of pleasant surprises. Ben is very detail-oriented, very capable, and very tuned into his clients’ needs and comfort — he went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable every step of the way, and he managed the scheduling, workflow, and execution like the pro he is. He also guarded my budget as if it were his own; there were no nasty surprises, and the entire cost structure was upfront and transparent throughout. 

I had quite a variety of different types of work done, and by my estimation there were a couple dozen various workers here throughout the process. Every single one of them was professional, friendly, and highly skilled. Ben shepherded me (and his subcontractors) through each phase of the project with a remarkable degree of efficiency and precision. He is also very hands-on, being present at the work site all throughout the day to stay on top of how things are going, and at the end of each day to make sure things are left in good order overnight. Quality and craftsmanship are very important to him, and it shows in the way he conducts his business and the people he chooses to hire. He made sure everything was done just right, and that I was happy with the results every step of the way. 

On top of all that, he’s also just a genuinely nice guy – very personable, easy to talk to, and a pleasure to work with. I believe he’s going to be famous one day; he really is that good. Thank you, Ben and all of your talented subs, for turning my decrepit home into a place of beauty and comfort! I am absolutely delighted; taking the plunge to do this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Robert and Claudia Worley

Home Owners
“Ben Burney is a strong taskmaster of an excellent team, and wise well beyond his years. He insists on timeliness, cleanliness and safety, all the while stewarding a client’s budget as if it where his own.”

Kurt and Brennan Rinehimer

Home Owners
“It was a pleasure working with Ben Burney on our recent renovation. Our project, a two story addition, is beautiful and was completed quickly. Ben is very hard working and he gives a great amount of personal attention to his clients and their projects. We have three young children and I really appreciate the fact that Ben made their safety during construction a top priority. He personally went around at the end of each work day making sure that windows were locked, nails and other debris were picked up, and that, in general, everything was safe, secure, and clean. I would absolutely recommend his company for your next project.”

Melody Rickels

Home Owners
“Ben Burney, the builder at the heart of Uppercut Homes, very recently completed a custom home build for me in Roswell, GA. The home is beautiful and both Ben’s sense of style and pride in his work are evident throughout. This was my first time building a home and, admittedly, I knew nothing about what it took to construct one. (I still don’t know much!) I was able to put an enormous amount of trust in Ben, leaving many decisions to him, both structural and aesthetic, without hesitation. He also helped me pick out many of the finishes. The final product does not disappoint! Throughout the process Ben was extremely patient and took the time to walk me through each step, answer my questions, and worked hard to put me at ease when unexpected issues arose outside of our control. He’s still answering my questions post build (no matter how trivial) because the homeowner experience is important to him. Lastly, the workers retained/employed by Uppercut were a pleasure to interact with. They were professional, courteous, and helpful. I am thankful to now be in my beautiful home! Thank you Ben Burney and Uppercut Homes!”

Beth Sessoms

Home Owners

“Ben does an excellent job in constructing your dream home. His attention to detail and great ideas allows you to enjoy the entire experience. Ben offers you the expertise and craftsmanship necessary to complete your custom home while meeting or exceeding your deadlines. His work speaks for itself! I would highly recommend him to others.”

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